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Terminal Lance: Head Call is the first compilation book of strips previously only published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper!
This book contains the first 100 strips featured in the Marine Corps Times, as well as a forward by the Managing Editor, Andrew DeGrandpre.

Additionally, each strip contains never-before released commentary! All 100 strips contain an accompanying blog post previously unavailable in the Marine Corps Times newspaper!

This book is perfect for those of you that don't read the Marine Corps Times, but want to catch up on all the Terminal Lance you can!

Terminal Lance is a military webcomic centering around the United States Marine Corps. Terminal Lance has been featured online at http://terminallance.com since 2010, and has since become one of the most popular military webcomics there is!



For the first time ever, the first one-hundred strips are available in one book: RIGHT HERE! Not only that, the blog posts from the website are preserved here for your reading pleasure. Everything from ridiculous tattoos to the dreaded "Dependapotamus" are presented here in their full glory, from creator and former Terminal Lance Corporal, Maximilian Uriarte.

All of the comics and blog posts are left completely uncensored, so be warned, this crude humor isn't for the faint of heart.